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Do you walk by your house every day and scoff at how dirty it looks? Low pressure house washing may be an option for you! Our house washing is an excellent choice for homes that are dirty or have weathered a particularly bad storm. Fallen debris on exterior siding or in gutters could cause serious structural damage to your property. Our solutions will enhance the appearance of your siding, and you entire home. Keystone Mobile Wash, Inc. is the concrete cleaning company to call for professional pressure washing services throughout the York, Mechanicsburg, Camp Hill, and Harrisburg, PA area. We make homes look great!

Our distinctive edge over the competition is our dedication to your property from start to finish. We leave no mess behind, and we prevent mildew and mold growth on your exterior. Who wouldn’t want to invest in pressure washing?

Call us today to schedule your free estimate! We offer our residential masonry cleaning services throughout MechanicsburgCamp HillYork & Harrisburg, PA as well as the surrounding areas. 

Our House Washing Services Will Keep Your House Looking Like New!

No matter what soiled your home, Keystone Mobile Wash, Inc. can tackle it. Your decks and patios might have suffered during a severe wind storm, but this is no trouble for our low pressure washers! Our deck and patio services include a complete treatment designed to improve appearances dramatically.

House washing removes the most difficult of stains – including oil and gas! Investing in driveway and sidewalk washing is great for improving brick, concrete and stucco pathways. Our blend of pressure washing materials is customized depending on the age of your surface. We protect your landscaping while we work, and our technicians are trained in prevention and proper safety procedures.
Our complete residential services include the following:

  • Building and House Washing Cleaning
  • Deck & Patio Cleaning
  • Sidewalk & Driveway Cleaning

So, if you’re ready to invest in a proper house washing in York or Harrisburg, PA, contact Keystone Mobile Wash, Inc. today. We use innovative, low pressure washing technology to gently and thoroughly clean all aspects of your home. Call now!

Pressure Washing vs Power Washing - What's The Difference?

The terms pressure washing and power washing are often used interchangeably, but they do have their differences. The main difference between power washing and pressure washing is the heat. A power washing machine uses heated water, whereas the water in a pressure washer is not heated. The advantage of a power washer’s heated water is seen most clearly in tough to clean areas that have serious grime – especially things like mildew, salt and grease.

Pressure washing is ideal for many tasks such as cleaning exterior facades, sidewalks, and more while the heat used when power washing makes it easier to clean certain substances. At Keystone Mobile Wash, Inc., we offer both pressure and power washing services for your convenience throughout Mechanicsburg, Camp Hill, and beyond.

The Benefits of Power Washing & Pressure Washing

Raises your home value. Did you know that by pressure washing your home, it adds about $10,000 to the sale price? That’s quite a bit of dough for a short term investment! The National Association of Realtors encourages homeowners to invest in pressure washing services before the put their home on the market.
Your curb appeal skyrockets. Instead of driving past a dreary, dirty house, your neighbors will drive by a sparkling home. Pressure washing completely removes any stains and dirt, increasing the attractiveness level.
Maintains your home’s lifespan. We encourage you to schedule regular pressure washing appointments with us if you live in the Harrisburg, PA area. You’ll save money on exterior repairs in the long run because you’ll prevent your home from rotting and decaying. This extends to home additions too, like porches and decks.
Reduces harmful bacteria. Don’t let potentially life-threatening bacteria grow on your home. You don’t want to risk getting your family sick! Pressure washing services removes any harmful bacteria, and prevents mold from overgrowing.

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At Keystone Mobile Wash, Inc., we provide effective masonry cleaning services to the Mechanicsburg, PA area. Pressure washing is an effective, safe method for cleaning all types of masonry. It can clean chimneys, stairs, porches, walkways, driveways, and more. Contact us today to schedule your power washing services!

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