Pressure Washing Tips for Fleet Cleaning

Pressure Washing Tips for Fleet Cleaning

Fleet Washing Services

What You Should Know for Efficient Fleet Cleaning

As a commercial cleaning contractor takes on more fleet washing jobs, it is vital that each job starts with the best pressure washer. Every truck that needs cleaning, the application will be different, and it is important to approach each cleaning slightly different. The following are some tips to keep in mind for each fleet pressure washing job.

Temperature – When the climate is warmer, it is easier to power clean the trucks. If it is cooler and cloudier out, you might need to power wash a second time. This is usually because the soap did not penetrate as quickly as if it were a warmer temperature out.

Prep – While prepping for an efficient cleaning job, it is usually best to create a preparation list. Some items that you might want to include on that list:

–      Type and quantity of fleet

–      Frequency of cleaning

–      Availability of water

–      Wash water recovery system

–      Etc.

Wash Site – A commercial cleaning needs to stay up-to-date and understand local environmental regulations as well as use the right chemicals and select the proper site for washing.

Single Step Fleet Washing Method – This is a popular washing technique which consists of soap that is applied under high pressure with heat, followed by a rinse.

Two Step Power Wash Method – A fleet that has an excessive amount of grime, grunge and faded aluminum will need additional cleaning. To brighten the aluminum, start with an acid or aluminum brightener, followed by soap and then rinse.

When you are using soap that doesn’t remove the road film, it is possible that you need to hand brush with the soap, following with a rinse.

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