Power Washing Versus Pressure Washing

Power Washing Versus Pressure Washing

What’s the Difference Between Power Washing & Pressure Washing?

The big difference between power washing and pressure washing is the water temperature. Power washing uses hot water and pressure washing uses cooler water. By using hot water to power wash surfaces such as decks, siding on a house, and gutters you are clearing the surface and cleaning any bacteria off of it. Basically power washing is the two for one version of pressure washing. There are several things that people use power washing for, but these are a few examples that I mentioned briefly earlier:

Cleaning the siding on your home – Power washing is great to do if you are looking to simply improve the aesthetics of the outside of your home or to get it ready to show when you are moving. First impressions of a home are very important and the outside of a home is the first thing you see.
Cleaning your gutters – No one likes to clean out their gutters by hand, but that is not the only way to clean them. Power washing gutters is a great way to clean them out, while also clearing out any bacteria that may have grown inside of them.
Killing bacteria on outdoor surfaces – Some people are not aware of the harmful bacterias that can grow on surfaces like a deck or patio outside. Power washing these surfaces can really disinfect them, so that you can keep your family safe from the bacteria.

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