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Comprehensive Fleet Washing

for the Mechanicsburg, Camp Hill, York, & Harrisburg, PA Area

Diesel truck washing is not an easy task. You can’t just pull into your local car wash and get it done. It requires a larger space and more specialized equipment and skills. Trucks are also much more expensive and valuable than an ordinary vehicle on the road. They cost thousands more, transport heavy loads, and are way more expensive to fix.

Not cleaning your fleet often enough can result in some expensive repairs down the road. Dirt, debris, snow, and whatever else from the road can get stuck in and around the truck causing damage. They can cause your truck to rust, a part to malfunction, or corrode electrical wiring and its covers. Fleet or truck washing is one easy way to help prevent costly repairs. Contact our heavy equipment cleaning company today to get started with fleet washing in the York, Mechanicsburg, Camp Hill, and Harrisburg, PA area!

Benefits of Fleet Washing

  • Clean Trucks = Easier Recruitment

    Drivers with clean records and that are true professionals are attracted to companies that take care of their vehicles. It implies that they care about their trucks AND their people!

  •  Prevents Rusting

    Rust is every vehicle owner’s worst nightmare. Rust does not look good, can lead to pieces of a vehicle rusting off, and is not safe.

  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
    Truck washing reduces maintenance costs by keeping dirt and grime out of lubricants and vital parts. It also reduces rust like mentioned above.
  • Improved Safety

    A clean truck means that other vehicles can more easily see you and a clear windshield and mirrors mean you can see them.

Give Us a Call Today For Fleet Washing Services!

At Keystone Mobile Wash Inc, we provide professional and thorough truck washing services. A clean truck protects it from rust, improves the driver’s visibility, and prolongs the life of the truck. However, it is not easy to clean a truck. You can’t just go to your local car wash to get it done. It also will cost you a lot of money to pay your drivers their salaries while they clean the trucks. Outsourcing your fleet washing to us will save you time and money. You won’t be overpaying drivers to wash their trucks or letting grime and rust ruin the vehicles. So, if you need your trucks washed, give us a call! We can get the job quickly and affordably.

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